Heart DiseaseHeart Health
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Many of the causes of heart disease can be prevented or controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to get regular health screenings for your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

ObesityObesity Advocacy
Many people struggling with obesity are denied coverage for needed treatment such as medically managed weight loss programs or bariatric surgery. Learn how you can appeal an insurance denial for treatment or become an advocate for change.


Rekindling Reform

Through presentations by outstanding authorities on health policy, we seek to learn as much as possible about the universal health care systems of other nations with comparable economies and to share that knowledge with others. We will focus on objective data, the reality of the political developments that led to their establishment and the current issues associated with their maintenance. In this way, we can create a clear foundation for debate and discussion as to how we in the United States can develop our own universal health care system. Comprehensive health care reform is moving to the center stage of public concern and we can help generate the necessary knowledge for answers for these concerns.

We believe that comprehensive reform is essential to protect the public health of the nation, that it is feasible and that it will provide a higher quality of health care for all.

The presentations will continue each month in the spring of 2002. They will cover the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and France. The texts of the presentations will be the core of a special issue on comprehensive health care reform of the American Journal of Public Health scheduled for December 2002.

Everyone engaged in any aspect of health care can play a vital role in this essential work of public education. If you are a member of an organization concerned with health policy, please talk with us about having that organization join the many distinguished academic institutions, professional societies and civic organizations that are the sponsors of Rekindling Reform.